Everyone has a book inside them.

                          James Harris



I tell stories that are entertaining and effortless. It is important for me that my audience is not burdened with cumbersome adjectives and over descriptive scenes or characters. I let the reader's imagination finish coloring my dialogue with their own, more meaningful, experiences.


 I believe reading is not only about learning. It should be a distraction from the droll toil, or the tiresome stress, of everyday life. I whisk the reader away to another land, another time, another body. A place where the improbable becomes plausible and the impossible becomes a new reality. A place where the measurement of time passing becomes a nuisince.


My first novel was, The Third Craft, a sci-fi trilogy that began as one book and grew into three. It is suitable for all ages. There are physics theorems cloaked in space travel and adventure. Think Hardy Boys meet Star Wars. It took two years to write and five years to edit. Kidding. Seemed like it though.

For my second book, The Caretaker, I nodded towards Steven King in shock value, style, and language. This is an adult novel designed to creep out out even the most jaded horror/ghost reader.

Presently, I am creating a surrealistic world in a novel called The Wobble.

If you want intelligent sci-fi... 

                                             ...You will want to read my novels 

The Third Craft

A fast read for all ages 

Explores quantum theory

The Caretaker

In the style of Stephan King

Ghost story

                                               Our two dogs                  Pilot                   Don Bastian, publisher


I approach my work with an attitude that the reader should never have to labour through a novel. The images should flow effortlessly and the reader should be anxious to get to the next chapter. I avoid adjectives and painting too detailed a scene image. I want the reader to get involved by supplying their own visuals. This speeds up the read and makes the book more personal to the reader. Finally, I am a perfectionist when supplying factual data, even in a fictitious book. I explored the theorems of cosmology and quantum physics before I was satisfied with the plausibility of the plot for The Third Craft, for instance.


" Sci-Fi is not my usual book genre, but I gave this a try and thoroughly enjoyed it." 

The characters and concepts were very well developed without being tedious and boring. It would be a good read for a book club, who could have great discussions about a number of topics, including geo-political, religious and spiritual concepts, that are raised within the story line. 

I had trouble putting the book down and the author managed to keep my interest right to the end. The ending in many books becomes predictable long before the ending, but this was not the case here.  " -- Indigo review, May 2012

, London, Ontario