James T. Harris, Writer

A native of Montreal, Quebec , Jim Harris has gone from telecom installations in Northern Ontario to creating new worlds of entertainment through his novels.

Growing up in Montreal gave Jim a taste for living large. With its European influence, Montreal was the hotspot for all things new and exciting. Case in point; as a teenager, only Amsterdam and Montreal ruled that possessing marijuana was not illegal.

Jim went to university in Waterloo, WLU Ontario,and studied business. Always in a hurry, he completed his 4 year honours degree in just three years. His creative talents were somewhat stifled for several years in a colorless career in accounting. Jim’s entrepreneurial spirit took over. He hired a chartered accountant and set up offices in downtown London, Ontario. Together they offered a service that coined the name “Portable Controller”. As the name implied, the service was for multiple clients who couldn’t afford the full time services of a professional on staff accountant, but had a bookkeeper.

One day Jim was flying to New York with a client and read about a miracle chemical that, when sprayed on any service, rendered that surface waterproof within seconds. Upon landing, he contacted the president of the inventing company and arranged a meeting. Subsequently, he won the rights for Canada. Jim’s focus turned to selling this product for autos and furniture. The “Portable Controller” was replaced by Fabri Seal. Over the years, Fabri Seal was replaced by Magi Seal Corporation. MSC is a multinational corporation that flourishes to this day and has made Jim a multi millionaire.

Although not a certified chemist, Jim dabbled in certain chemicals that helped grow his business. He holds a worldwide patent on one. Along with another scientist, he developed a chemical that when sprayed on any organic stain, would cause the stain to disappear without blotting or rubbing it. He called it Oxy Scrub under the Oxygon Technologies banner. It took five years to develop but remains the best in the world and was produced under a private label. Oxygon Technologies is Jim’s company and he is currently engaged in the pursuit of another patent for this company.

So what has any of this have to do with writing novels? Novel writing is an important part of Jim’s life. It started as a cathartic exercise later in life. He knew he wrote good letters and science papers and figured that writing a book was not that far removed. How difficult could it be? Ouch! “I grew to hate the damn thing. I must have rewritten the book a hundred times.” He said of his first novel The Third Craft. Originally written as book Number One of a trilogy, he scrapped his first published novel, (after a luke-warm review from a single reviewer), and rewrote the entire book. And then wrote the remaining two books of the trilogy. It took five years.

The learning curve was steep. By the time Jim wrote his second novel, The Caretaker, he had an easier time of it. The Third Craft was every young teen fantasy come true; discovering a derelict spaceship. There was some solid intrigue and adventure, but the plot was predictable and the outcome Hollywood. What Jim wanted to do was introduce quantum/particle physics to a younger audience in a language that they could understand. Unfortunately, (or fortunately), much of the “drier” theorems fell under the editor’s knife in order to move the story along.

The Caretaker is an adult novel based in Canada. Jim’s knowledge of the setting is evident and the character development is good. Jim has the ability to dwell in the mind of a child one minute and then jump to the mind of a pathological killer the next. The novel is a thriller wrapped up in a cocoon of a ghost story. The graphic detail makes the novel edgy enough to be categorized as a horror story a la Steven King.

More information on Jim

Jim Harris has three children from his wife and life’s partner, June, and one son from a previous marriage. They live on a 17 acre property in London, Ontario. Jim is a recreational pilot, enjoys the piano, and is physically active. Jim is the past CEO of Magiseal Corporation, and presently owns Oxygon Technologies (President) and is CEO of C-Pool Minerals. He is also writing his third novel called The Wobble.