Book One                                                                                                                 

  In the beginning Joe Grayer and his twin brother Hawk are spending the summer months from school in Elliot Lake, Ontario. Joe discovers a mysterious wreck buried not far from where they were staying.

A spaceship is recovered. It is flyable after repairs. Rogue US government agents try to capture the craft, but the twins make a spectacular escape and fly away.


 Eastern seaboard at night. Their space ship flies down the east coast from Canada to South America, before it is captured and the boys held captive.

A battle ensues at Groom Lake , the infamous Area 51

Kor's crew is recovered after a battle with Stell's crew in a secret bunker in the desert. In a standoff demonstrating a will of nerves, Stell retreats after an ominous treat. 


                                                    Book Two                           

The sun in Sargon's system goes supernova 

Sargon begins to die as the sun goes supernova exposing the planet to killer heat

              Learning pod 


Kor and Stell escape to outer space and hurl towards faraway Earth

In the beginning there was the Big Bang. 

The Queen uses her aura to protect against the assassination attempt 

Sargon's conduit of underground rapid transit 


                                                                                                                Book Three 

Earth and moon as seen from the mother ship 

Washington DC as seen from the Third Craft


Frank Grayer is kidnapped and held hostage underground in Washington DC 

Joe and Hawk learn to control their power 

Security camera Cape Canaveral


A warren of underground secret passages as seen from above